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Repair Capabilities

We have repair capabilities on most aircraft panels used in commercial simulation.   The list below if very limited, please contact us if you have any repair needs. 

We can repair only for the squawk or complete full overhauls.  We fix what you need repaired to get back to training.

In recent history we have repaired the following components:


Sony VPL-GH10 projector optical block replacement and overhaul

215TS07Y00 Landing Gear Lever

3907130402  Display unit

C19298AF05 LCDU

K217ABM11 Flight control unit

C12850AC03 Flight control unit

C12850AC03 Flight control unit

C12850BC02 Flight control unit

MF10-05-11 Oxygen mask

MF20-534 Oxygen mask

RMC1005 Oxygen mask regulator

C12848CA01 RMP Panel

4077880-982 MCDU

35-0L0-1001-04 ECAM

35-0L0-1002-05 ECAM

35-0L0-1003-06 ECAM


330VZ01Y02 Fire Push Button

334VZ01Y00 Fire Push Button

64882-206-1 Pressure indicator

63543-253-3 RDMI

96154570510X DMC


45606112 Display unit

K274AAM0608 Flight control unit

C12849AB03 Flight control unit

C12849AB04 Flight control unit

4077880-962 MCDU

LA2E90808HM0100 ECAM panel

LA2E90707HM0100 ECAM panel

LA2E90606HM0100 ECAM panel

C12404AB02 ATC panel

LA2K1A100DA0000 Computer

B372BAM0509 Computer


MF20-003 Oxygen mask

MF10-02-11 Oxygen mask

MC10-25-104 Oxygen Mask

MXP410 Oxygen mask stowage box

174101-02-01 LCDU

5145-1-60 Audio control panel

4086850-922 Display unit


4077880-908 MCDU

285W0024-7G Handset

4039891-906 MCDU


4086850-921 Display unit


MDL20-626-1 Oxygen mask

4091640-902 MCP